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Precautions before and after the use of commercial induction cooker
1. Please read the instruction manual carefully before use.
2. It is strictly forbidden to dry the empty pan, and the induction cooker heats up quickly. So as not to damage the stove;
3. When the pot is removed from the glass-ceramic panel, do not touch the glass-ceramic panel with your hands to avoid burns caused by residual heat;
4. The bottom of the induction cooker is the air inlet. Please keep it clean and free from debris and avoid ingesting debris.
5. Before using the induction cooker, please confirm whether there is a pot on the induction cooker and then close the main gate.
6. When the commercial induction cooker rotates the handle during use, please do not over-large, so as not to damage the switch.
7. Do not turn off the power switch during the operation of the induction cooker to avoid damage to the power switch. When cutting off the power of the induction cooker,
When it is confirmed that the induction cooker has stopped working and the cooling fan stops running, turn off the main power switch.
8. In order to better display the current usage status during use, please do not block the display.
9. Glass-ceramics are fragile items: Do not hit or vibrate.
10. If the glass ceramics breaks during use, stop using it immediately to prevent possible electric shock.
11. Do not use soup buckets that are not supplied or approved by the manufacturer, or soup drums that are heavily deformed at the bottom, otherwise the microcrystalline glass may be damaged.
Glass or host
12. It is strictly forbidden to flush the cooling fan or the cooling fan to flush toward the bottom air return.
13. Regularly clean the air inlet filter to ensure heat dissipation. There is an additional grease filter on the bottom of the high-power induction cooker.
It prevents the cooling fan from sucking in grease and must be cleaned frequently.
14. The cleaning of the commercial induction cooker should be carried out after the power is turned off. It is strictly forbidden to wash with water or use a steam cleaner and the like.
The method is cleaned.
15. Metal objects such as kitchen utensils, lids, cutlery, etc. should not be placed in the cooking area on the cooktop.
16. Be careful when operating the appliance, as the ring, watch, etc. that the user brings may be heated when approaching the cooktop.
17. When connecting the power supply, connect at least the 3mm contact opening all-pole disconnect device (leakage switch).
18. When the appliance is positioned close to walls, partitions, kitchen equipment, decorative panels, etc., it is recommended that the latter should be suitably non-flammable.
The material is made or covered with a suitable non-combustible insulation material and the fire protection regulations are closely monitored.
19. If the machine is found to be abnormal or faulty, do not disassemble the machine for repair. Please contact us in time or find the relevant technical personnel.
20. If the power cord is damaged, it must be replaced by the manufacturer or its service department or a similarly qualified person.
21. Warning: There is dangerous high pressure inside the machine.
22. Pay attention to the child's care to prevent children from operating the appliance.

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