• EBM motor

    Better performance in
    terms of noise and energy
  • Connectivity

    Connectivity allows the
    induction hob and the
    cooker hood to work
  • Feedback valve

    This system prevents cold
    air from leaking in through
    the chimney.
  • LED display

    A clear display facilitates
    the control of the hood.
  • LED lighting

    The latest wide-angled
    LED lighting system
    improves the appllance
  • Smart smell

    The smart absorption
    function allows the hood
    to be automatically
    activated and the air to
    be cleaned without
    manual intervention.
    The appliance automatically
    selects the speed
    and time setting
    depending on the current
    needs or your kitchen
  • Automatic

    This sets the hood to
    switch off automatically
    after 15 minutes, or after
    set time.
  • Sensors

    Thanks to the sensor
    control,the control panel is
    very easy to read and use.

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