EBM engine

Quiet operation and lower power consumption compared to the engine hood without EBM.

Plasma filters

Designed to cleanse the air of pollutants such as grease, germs, pollen, therefore they are ideal for people with allergies. Clean air is blown back into the room.

Booster mode

Exhaust works with the greatest power for a few minutes. It removes offensive odors coming from the oven, dishwashers as the result of frying.

Lighting adjustment / soft light

The ability to manually adjust the lighting to user needs.

  •    High efficiency

    Kangwood cooker hoods are known for their high efficiency. Even when set at the lowest absorption level, the appliance does the job perfectly, drawing in all the odours of the cooked dishes. And when at its highest setting, it faultlessly deals with even the most intense aromas.

  •    Integration with hob

    The hood automatically adjusts the power to lift up to the settings of the induction hob. The hob also allows to control the lighting of the hood.

  •    Automatic switch on

    Your easy-to-use Kangwood conventional hood simply switches on as the hood is pulled open.

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