Innovative DC inverter motor, 100,000 frequency conversion power, 588Pa maximum static pressure, strong smoke exhaustion unimpeded, power  more meticulous and intimate, give you protection from running smoke, high frequency noise reduction, natural sound, also give you no interruption Care, noise control, energy saving, low consumption, and efficiency of suction and discharge have all been improved.
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product details
Functional configuration specifications (national standard)
1.0.5mm stainless steel right angle panel, 600mm high coaming plate, 0.5mm double stainless steel dome inverted net. Optional glass panels or raised panels.
2. Frequency conversion, full-screen touch 9-speed boost switch, 1.5Wled lamp, black tempered glass front, φ180mm flame-retardant air outlet, aluminum platinum pipe. Optional with hot degreasing.
3.150W# full-sealed temperature-controlled inverter copper wire motor, φ260x130 electrophoresis wind wheel.
4. Packing size mm: 960X740X530mm,
    Body size mm: 895X488X660mm,
5. Weight: gross weight: 26Kg,
                Net weight: 21Kg.

Technical performance specification

Energy efficiency rating: Level 1
Standard wind pressure: 439.8
Exhaust air volume:±18.39m3/min
Maximum static pressure: 588pa
Total power: 188W
Noise: ≤69dB
Main motor power: 150W
Full pressure efficiency: ≥29%

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