Bluetooth Wireless Speakers

Your favorite music at any time. The oven can play music, thanks to the built-in speakers. Now every moment in the kitchen will be full of rhythm.

37 ready programs

The ability to precisely select the cooking parameters of the prepared food. 37 built-in programs allow you to set the ideal conditions for each course.

Intuitive programmer

Easy to use, clear and legible programmer. This is an additional advantage in everyday cooking. The 7-inch screen allows you to set the program, but also displays the ingredients needed to fulfill any cook’s culinary fantasies.

Illuminated handle

The handle of the oven provides a gentle red light. This indicates if the equipment is still working or that it is still hot.

I-Cool Front

A unique cooling system in the LinLux oven door sucks cool air from the outside and releases it to lower the temperature of the front door panel to a safe level. The maximum front door panel temperature of an oven heated to 180°C is 35°C.

Soft Close & Open System

The soft oven door close and open function makes using the oven even more convenient. It provides more control in closing the oven door, giving a more pleasant user experience.

  •    Effective cleaning technology

    We use the latest innovations to make the cleaning process simple: the steam cleaning oven makes it easy to reduce the amount of your work. Pyrolysis is a self-cleaning function using high temperatures to turn burnt particles and dirt in the oven into easy to remove ash.

  •    Remote control

    You can install an app on your tablet, laptop or smartphone that enables you to monitor an appliance’s operating status from afar, controlling its functions or turning it off and on. This gives you ultimate convenience and full control over your kitchen appliances.

  •    ECO function

    Five minutes before the cycle ends, the oven stops using power and heats the dish in the chamber of the oven. In ovens with a meat probe, power use stops when the food has reached a temperature of 2 degrees before the preset value.

  •    ProBaby system

    Baby Pro System is a system of safety and functionality which gives you and your family a sense of security:
    ■  Door lock — a child-proof door lock which lets you decide when the door can be opened.
    ■  I-cool front — a system which keeps the oven door glass panel temperature low.
    ■  Stable runners — telescopic runners with a stop function, which minimizes the risk of burns.

  •    Energy efficiency class A

    Top energy efficiency ratings for our cookers and ovens means lower bills and energy savings in your home.

  •    Large capacity XXL

    Oven capacity has been increased to 66 liters.

  •    Stable temperature

    Kangwood’s ovens guarantee excellent baking results due to the stable temperature inside the oven.

  •    Uniform cooking

    With its efficient cooking all dishes are cooked evenly and perfectly baked. It’s the end of half-baked cakes or roasts.

  •    The maximum capacity of the oven door is 15 kg

    High strength of the door is another security feature that protects you if you accidentally drop something. In addition, the door can be a place for temporary storage, even for heavily loaded cookware.

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